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 Hi everyone. My name is Vassil and I’d like to welcome you to the techniques and the power of self healing. In my young age I was always interested allot from the origin and the structure of the Universe and the phenomenon of the invisible world. The nature is my source of energy.  I have been studying and practicing for more than 10 years  different healing methods: The Emotion Code, Reiki, Meditation, The power of positive mind (thinking).  

  Several years ago I got wear of the pigment of my right shoulder joint (arthritis). I was with such a pain that often I could not sleep in the evening. After a medical check up in the hospital I was supposed to have a surgery after three months. I can’t bear in my mind that I am going to have a surgery and mostly that there was not 100 % guarantee of successful surgery. After deep reflection I decided to invest all I know about healing to heal my self. My effort was rewarded. After about a period of two months my pain began slowly to go down. I annulate my surgery and continued some period more to work upon myself.  Now I am free from pain and with totally healthy shoulder without surgery. I have learned how deep an impact spirituality can have, how it actually changes lives for the better, to realize inner peace and good health. And I would love to help you to live your life from this overall perspective


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 +41 (0)78 404 06 25


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Kirchäcker 1 ; 79875 Urberg (Dachsberg)

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